We make it easy to be dazzling!

Our mission? To make your holiday light installation simply amazing and amazingly simple. No more weeks of planning (and maybe a little procrastination), no more “one light goes out and they all go out,” and no more afternoons spent on a ladder.

We can handle it all for you, from planning to setup to takedown. Even storage.

Christmas Light Hanging in Seattle: How Does It Work?

Here’s a peek into our process:

1. First, we meet with you to discuss your goals, budget, and design ideas. Whether you like classic and simple or want cars lining up down the street, we can do it (as long as the job size is a minimum of $500 in value).
2. We use premium, efficient lights that perfectly match your vision. We’ll provide the timers and extension cords, too!
3. Our expert team efficiently installs your display (you can just watch and enjoy!).
4. We use plastic clips that are gentle on your home (no staples unless you request them).
5. Every display is fully customized, avoiding dangling strands hanging from your roofline.
6. Have a question or technical difficulty? We offer maintenance and support all season long.
7. When you’re all done with your lights, we’ll take them down and store them for you until next year.
8. Ready to reinstall? We’ll come back and do it all again!
9. Dazzling: 100% guaranteed.

There are also no contracts to sign or commit to – we can take it year by year, even changing the display if you’d like.

Seattle Christmas Decorating Services: What Can We Decorate for You

  • Rooflines
  • Fascia
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Ground Lights
  • Columns…. And MORE!

Why Trust Us To Be Your Holiday Light Installers?

We may be trained holiday light installers, but we also are Seattle’s first choice for painting services all year long. This means we have an incredible team already in place, fully-trained in safe work practices, ladder work (heights are NO problem!), and we’re licensed and insured.

Why holiday lights? Well, we always are looking for ways to keep our wonderful team busy through the typically slower winter months. Plus, we have a lot of fun with the installations!